Learn Scuba Diving now

Where? Here in Belgium !

To learn Scuba Diving there's no need to go to exotic countries. Here in Belgium there's enough water to take your first steps in Neptune's fantastic underwaterworld. So don't hesitate - contact us!

In summertime we ordinarily dive in the Dutch Oosterschelde (nearly every weekend) and in winter we dive in our own lakes (you will find them at the dive sites). An insurance for diving accidents is required (e.g. aqua med starting from € 49 per year, or DAN starting from € 59 per year).

And what about diving education? We offer all possible courses from world's best known (and most famous) diving organization: PADI. Experience (or equipment) is not required, only genuine interest...and we'll make it a passion! Look at our snapshots from different places in the world, and let them convince you.

Is it expensive? Look at our price-list and judge yourself! Our courses can be taught (and the required learning materials are also available) in English.


Bart DE GEETER - PADI IDC Staff Instructor and EFR Instructor Trainer

+ 32 495 17 28 16